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Good but restore purchase dont work

The button restore purchase dont do anything

Up in the air

Wish there was a hot air balloon casual drifting mode. But superb anyway.

Could be way better! A real botch job compared to X-plane 10

A lot of features in this simulator really suck... First of all, 3 sceneries outta 4 must be paid about 5€!! those sceneries are really botched by the way (the few groundmarks and lights, the taxiways, the landscapes, everything!), aint no real weather (no clouds, no rain, no storm, no snow, etc...) as in Xplane 10 running on mobile, aint no taxiway lights neither ALS nor buildings, cockpit instruments dont work in realtime, the plane gets too bouncy and slow only over 2k feet... Even if the planes are pretty well done, I agree, almost 2/3 of them must be purchased about 5€ too, sad! FDS you have to work more seriously, not only for money because with this botched work you dont deserve anything! Please keep the work up, you have the potential to do better than this!


Further to todays update some aircrafts I bought are no more in the database !!!

Best mobile sim out there!

With a wide range of aircraft, IF continues to add more and more amazing stuff, more and more updates on a regular basis, love it! If I could I would give more than 5 stars:) friendly community, staff etc makes it enjoyable, its almost like a family!

Infinit Flight

infinite flight is a good game should realize 3D buildings and added the company Air Algeria, have ground service, pushback, passenger boarding bridges.


For 3 times I tried to obtain my subscription back. I paied for complete package with all airplanes and after some time my acess account was deleted. I made contact with support and the help expeted was no provided.

Please we want Airbus a350

We want Airbus a350 and better illumination in the night.


The a new update is very Good!!!


The game is wonderful on how it looks like, however, I would like you to find a way to reduce the Lags a little, plus, I request these aircrafts, if you dont mind: - ATR 42 - ATR 72 - Airbus A300 - Airbus A310 - Many more liveries :)

The best

O the best dos bests

Add The A350 and lights on TAXI runways

Add The A350 and lights on runways and more lights on airplane windows and cockpit.

Infinity flight

Muito bom

The best out there

Perfect physics, amazing multiplayer, great graphics, multiple servers for different level of expertise, Superb aircrafts, The best experience ever for a flight simmer. Extremely professional team and a great community behind it.

Very good

Very good Game, But since the new update the Boeing 787 is gone


My 787s are dissapared!! Please fix. ( 16.06.2 )

B787 gone!!!

All models of the Boeing 787 Are gone! Please fix. Its not funny to pur for a feature that than gets deleted!!! Otherwise this sim is clearly the best on mobile and worth the money.



Clipper Timo !

Top !!!! But please more Turbo-Prop-Aircrafts for examble ATR , SAAB2000 /340, DONIER, and Jets BAE !


Bitte bringt Helikopter ins Spiel :( Please bring helicopters in the game :(

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